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Melissa Grover – Animal / Medical Services

Hi! I am a vet assistant with 6 years of emergency animal hospital experience.

My career background is ICU emergency animal medicine at the Toronto Veterinary Emergency Clinic.
My prices are based on my skills of handling situations when you’re far away.
It’s a peace of mind for you.

We own a daycare shelter on the property which is heated and also air conditioned.
It is a building that is customized for dogs to feel like they are still at home.
I am an outdoors lady so we will get up to a lot of stuff outside! Or stay inside and snuggle!
We currently have a large dog open area with fencing and a small dog area with fencing but I still prefer leashed walks!

We avoid using cages or crates the best we can, unless needed (Safety Reasons). This environment is meant to give a comfort feeling.
We have recently installed wooden horse stalls in the shelter! No cages but lots of security!

We have experience in:

-Post surgery aftercare
-Separation Anxiety
-Special Diets
-Most genetic chronic diseases

We accept all breeds!
I’ve been working in vet clinics for over 4 years with 2 college degrees.
I currently have a Golden Retriever & a Maremma Puppy. Both are very friendly and sociable!

My main focus is the health and happiness of your pet and you can trust me on that.

(Please note, I do not sleep with the animals but I am on same the property although will make exceptions for medical reasons but rate will be higher). We do have indoor camera surveillance with night vision so even when not in the building, we are aware of what is going on 24/7.

Thank You and I Look forward to meeting you!

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